I was fortunate to get a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from my parents as a birthday present.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for this.  It really is an amazing machine.  As you probably know, I’m about as long-time an Apple user as there is.  I grew up on Apple II’s and PowerMac’s (pre-Intel). I was one of the few to use a Mac at Wake Forest (during a time when they gave you IBM — not Lenovo — ThinkPads with your tuition). The SP3 is my favorite computer, nay favorite device overall, at the moment.  It brings back a feeling akin to getting my first iPhone or iPad.  It really is a full-fledged computer in the form and function of a tablet.  I do wish it ran El Capitan (or whatever Apple’s OS is called these days). In fact, I held off purchasing this for several months because I was convinced Apple would announce a competitor.  They didn’t.  So I got this and I have absolutely no regerts.  Truly an awesome machine.

Prosopagnosia – A form of visual agnosia characterised by difficulty with face recognition despite intact low-level visual processing. Also known as PA.  I’ve always thought I had a minor form of this.

Read What’s It’s Like to Be Profoundly Face-Blind here.

Too Fake

“Yeah I know Sean, I swear that nigga ain’t shit
Known him for forever and he ain’t on the same shit
It breaks my heart when all the kids be yelling “You the mayne, Big”
He ain’t no hometown hero, he on that LeBron James shit”
Man I tell him suck my dick then choke on a nut
Cause when they see me it’s oh Big was up

-FF3 [via]